Queenslanders Urged To Act On Solar Installations

  According to a Herald Sun report, over 30,000 agreements have not been returned signed and more than 20,000 that have been signed and received are still awaiting confirmation of system installation.     

While systems need to be installed and meters upgraded by June 30 next year; this will invariably lead to a last minute rush and many solar panel installers will be overwhelmed with work, leading to some households forfeiting the 44c per kilowatt hour incentive rate.     

  Households missing the deadline could lose up to $20,000 in financial benefits over the life of a system as Queensland's feed in tariff rate was dropped to 8c plus a 6c - 8c per kilowatt hour retailer contribution under changes made to the scheme.    

 Furthermore, the Queensland Government will instruct the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to make recommendations by early next year on a subsidy-free solar feed-in tariff for Queensland for future connections; which potentially could be even lower.       

 According to Queensland solar provider Energy Matters, Solar Bonus Scheme applicants can still make the switch to another provider in order to be assured their system is installed in time - and properly.     

 Energy Matters points out it's not just a case of completing paperwork, but ensuring the installer chosen is competent and the system selected of sufficient quality in order to gain maximum returns.    

 Like other states swept by solar panel fever, Queensland has unfortunately seen its share of solar cowboys over the past few years. For example, directors of a solar company said to have duped more than 100 Bundaberg residents was fined $215,000 in court yesterday, with more action to occur.      Solar Bonus Scheme applicants interested in making the switch to Energy Matters can contact the company on 1300 727 151.